February 25, 2024

Simon Jordan and Martin Keown have shared their prediction on Everton being relegated after they were hit with a 10-point deduction by the Premier League.

The Toffees were slapped with the heavy punishment on Friday afternoon (17 November) after being found guilty of breaching profit and sustainability rules.

The point deduction takes them to 19th place in the league and while they intend to appeal, the punishment was put in place immediately. And reacting live on talkSPORT (17 November, 12:26), Keown and Jordan discussed whether it could ultimately lead to their relegation from the division.



“This could relegate Everton,” Keown said.

“I think it will galvanize Everton,” Jordan responded. “They’ll get together and they’ll have the mentality.

“But notwithstanding that, it’s going to be remarkably hard. It’s going to be a shot in the arm for the Luton, Bournemouth and Burnley’s of the world.”



Considering the team have picked up six wins in their last nine games in all competitions, there is every chance this team could fight back from the position we’ve been put in to avoid the drop.


But the fact they’ve been put in that situation for something nothing to do with them and entirely to do with the inept board and way the club has been run is ridiculous.


Sean Dyche must now create an “us against the world” mentality to unite the club while we battle against this punishment and unjust points deduction, but ultimately it’s the results on the pitch that will save us or not.


We’re more than capable of getting results and the squad is strong enough to get the job done considering the current state of the league and teams also in the battle, but this has made things much more difficult.


Everton know it, the fans know it and the football world knows it. Now we have to be united and push through to stick it to the league by staying up anyway.

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