May 18, 2024

According to Leon Osman, Everton is “so shocked” to have lost 10 points since “there’s been no sporting advantage.”

After the record-breaking punishment was revealed on November 17, the former Toffee told BBC 5 Live that the club has been operating under a “wage cap in place” for the previous two years, which has made it “difficult to compete in the Premier League.”

Osman pointed to the fact that overspending on players came years ago and the current financial dispute relates to movement of money in relation to interest on stadium expenditure, meaning the club have not benefited in a footballing sense.

“Everton spent a lot of money on signings, but that was a few seasons ago,” Osman remarked. During this time, they haven’t been able to accomplish that.

“There is nothing to do with what happens on the field; the financial problems are about where the money was moved to and from during the stadium’s interest payments.

“Everton hasn’t acquired a competitive advantage in sports, and for the past two seasons, Everton has collaborated closely with the Premier League, implementing a wage cap.”

Everton has been operating under a sporting embargo for the past several seasons, which has made it challenging for the team to compete in the Premier League. I believe this is the reason why the team was taken aback by the additional points deduction.

“With the wage cap in place, they’ve struggled in the past few years; there hasn’t been any sporting advantage.”


Clearly Everton can’t claim to be 100% blameless but a multitude of factors would appear to suggest that there a lot of grey areas involved.

The club’s previous relegation rivals are furious about the whole thing and appear to have been for months; it is thought that important figures at Burnley and Leeds United initiated the process.

Perhaps that makes sense if their duty is to protect their clubs, but they owe it to the Premier League and the independent commission panel in particular to conduct the probe impartially.

It would be one thing if Everton had been tearing up the transfer market in recent windows, bringing in players who had led them to safety in the Premier League during the previous two seasons.


However, it is difficult to argue that the Toffees have unfairly benefited from their supporters’ inability to watch as their team has sold players such as Richarlison and Anthony Gordon, signed players who were completely unhelpful when the team desperately needed them, and missed out on important targets because of budget constraints.

The supporters understand all too well that the club’s management has been dysfunctional for years and that, of course, rules must be upheld when they are broken.

But it is now difficult for Sean Dyche’s team to be penalized as though they have had it easy when the club collaborated well with the Premier League and operated under a wage cap, making their close calls with danger all the more dangerous.

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