May 18, 2024

Following the announcement that Everton had been docked ten points, Gareth Southgate provided an update on goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

After breaking the Premier League’s financial fair play regulations, Sean Dyche’s team was fined by an independent panel. On Friday, November 17, the Toffees received a 10-point deduction, dropping them to 19th place in the standings.

Shortly after, Pickford began England’s Euro 2024 qualifying match against Malta and preserved the Three Lions’ clean sheet. Southgate was eager to commend his goalie for how he handled challenging circumstances at Goodison Park in the past.


He stated, as reported by the Daily Mail on November 19, “I haven’t discussed it with Jordan. We’ll just have to wait and see because everything else is currently speculative.

“He has handled a couple of extremely tough seasons at Everton, when they haven’t been in the top half of the league, really well. Therefore, if the final verdict is as stated—I’m assuming there will be an appeal—then it’s a situation he’s experienced and has actually played a significant role in.

Important player

Pickford is by no means a player who shrinks when the occasion needs him, over the course of his career both at club and international level he has stood up to be counted whenever he’s called upon to rescue England or the Toffees.

This situation is unlikely to be different, as Everton are going to need all their players to put in excellent performances to be able to pull Dyche’s side away from the relegation zone after this huge points deduction landed this week.


Pickford has managed to continue to put in excellent performances between the posts at Goodison Park during the last couple of seasons when the Toffees have been languishing towards the bottom of the Premier League table. His displays have helped keep Everton in the top flight and the same will be true this season.

Although Malta didn’t provide a particularly difficult test for Southgate’s side, Pickford took to the field at Wembley and kept a clean sheet only hours after the points deduction news. He can put that to the back of his mind and step up for his country and he’ll do the same for the Toffees.

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