February 25, 2024

Alan Myers drops hint at what is ‘BREWING’ at Everton following points deduction 👨‍🍳🔥


Alan Myers may be a journalist who covers Everton, but above all, he is a fan of the club first.


That is a notion he makes abundantly clear with his impassioned tweets seeking to bestow his thoughts upon a fanbase that reveres him and greatly appreciates the work he does in helping them to understand what goes on way above.


So, this points deduction will have rocked him just the same as any match-going fan, made even more frustrating that he will now be forced to report on such a contentious and downright disgraceful decision.


It should come as no surprise that he disagrees with the ruling, which has seen ten points stolen from the Toffees, plunging them to joint-bottom of the Premier League.


He would take to Sky Sports to issue his thoughts on the matter, penning a powerful defence for his football club in which many key points were made.


After all, he envisions this event galvanising his club rather than defeating them, noting: ‘However, there will be no greater inspiration evident than from those connected to Everton, with a siege mentality already brewing due to what they see as an unfair and disproportionate punishment.’


He would then go on to reference the European Super League and the lack of fair punishment they received, before referencing the tagline: ‘The fans should not be punished’.


Can Everton be sued?

Having only been handed their points deduction now after years of financial missteps, there are a number of clubs that have been circling like sharks just waiting for this ruling.

The likes of Leeds United, Leicester City and Burnley actually now have plans to sue Everton for a sum of around £300m, tied to the loss of earnings received from going down in their place.


However, it is worth noting that in the commission that concluded a ten-point deduction was a worthy sentence, they also admitted that no sporting sanction had been gained from their free spending.


As such, that trio of formerly relegated sides have no leg to stand on, as the same report that they will base their claim on has essentially debunked their main argument.


It would be better for them to just admit that they went down because they were not good enough for the division, and that it was hardly some Everton mega-team they were forced to overcome.


The club had never been weaker, despite the money spent, and as such their grounds for suing are paper thin.

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