February 25, 2024

When they believe they have been wronged, Everton supporters may become furious, making them some of the most passionate supporters in all of football.

Goodison Park is an awful place to be when facing an enraged home crowd because officials and a large portion of the opposition have experienced Merseyside’s full might multiple times.


They can be ignited by a single poor referee call, and with their most recent ten-point deduction, Sunday’s matchup with Manchester United looks to be everything and more. Sean Dyche intends to take advantage of this idea.

Particularly in light of the arrangements that have already been made to express the general annoyance directed towards the Premier League, who saw their advice nearly realized in the last penalty.

The vociferous dissatisfaction on X, the previous Twitter, is sufficient to provide a glimmer of that environment. Particularly in light of the GoFundMe established by fan club The 1878s, who are credited with a number of banners and with attempting to revive the mood in specific areas of the audience.

In an attempt to take advantage of the uproar, they shared a link and requested donations, saying that the money raised would go toward “banners and flags against the Independent Commission’s quite frankly, disgraceful and nonsensical decision to deduct the club 10 points.”

They could not have predicted this kind of response, though, as the amount has just over the £30,000 threshold and is currently £31,601 as of this writing.

How many breaches did Everton have?

Their interpretation of the decision is one that is primarily endorsed by Evertonians, as seen by their financial backing of the organization.

After all, Everton was fined for a single error whereas Manchester City was penalized for 115 financial infractions, of which none have yet to result in punishment.

Everton v Burnley - Carabao Cup Fourth Round

Even worse, according to the BBC, the expenditure that resulted in their punishment was only £19 million.

Although an appeal has been filed, which is understandable, it is unlikely that a third party would have a different opinion given how quickly both the Premier League and the independent panel condemned the Toffees.

In any case, the Dogs of War have been let loose, and even if they were to reverse their penalty, the upcoming match against Manchester United will undoubtedly be a must-watch for any neutral who wants to witness how a team endowed with a devoted fan base responds to injustice in a way that only scousers can.

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