May 21, 2024

Although Leeds United intends to sue Everton for financial violations, Simon Jordan does not believe the Yorkshire club will receive any compensation from the Premier League team.

Everton was punished with 10 points on Friday, November 17, for violating the profit and sustainability regulations of the Premier League.

According to The Daily Mail, Leeds, Burnley, and Leicester planned to sue Everton for a combined £100 million because they were demoted from the premier league during the time when the Blues acknowledged violating financial regulations.

Jordan, the talkSPORT anchor, doesn’t think Leeds will benefit in any way from their compensation lawsuit, though.

Jordan stated in an interview with the Mail on Sunday, November 19, page 103: “Whatever Everton does next is the challenge.” When taking their medication might be the wisest course of action, do they truly want this to be postponed and loom over them? Even with the penalty, Everton is still only two points outside of safety, but considering the difficulties faced by the promoted teams, it could be wise to accept this result since I don’t see them losing.

“I also don’t think those teams will be lining up to sue Everton very far.”

In a statement issued on Friday, Everton expressed their shock and disappointment with the Premier League’s Commission’s decision.

Jordan disagreed with the official statement from the Merseyside club over the point deduction.

However, they cannot be “shocked and horrified,” as their statement claims, the former owner of Crystal Palace continued. That lacks any strong conviction. Despite their admission of guilt, the phrasing implies that they shouldn’t have been found guilty in the first place! It is illogical.

It’s worth a shot

Leeds might as well press on with a suit against Everton because the Toffees overspent during the period in which the Whites were relegated from the Premier League.

All those points they won were won by a manager whose wages contributed to the overspend.

All those goals they scored were scored by players whose wages also contributed to Everton breaking the Premier League’s financial rules.

Leeds were a victim of this.

People will have probably lost jobs at Elland Road or had pay cuts as a result of the relegation to the Championship – partially caused by Everton’s rule-breaking.

It’s hard to see why everyone is complaining about a 10-point deduction. It’s the least they deserve.

We get that Evertonians are probably equally as angry about the allegations against Manchester City and Chelsea going, so far, unresolved. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that they broke the rules and they’re going to get away with it scot-free unless Leeds, Leicester and Burnley can take millions from them in compensation.

Everton won’t go down this season due to their 10-point deduction. But they might do in the future if they’re sued for £300million, their takeover collapses and they get another nine points taken away for going into administration.

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