February 25, 2024

Relegation HERO has just dropped the ‘TWO things’ he wants Everton to do following their points deduction 2️⃣🤬


Everton, just when things seemed to be getting back on track, have been dragged back down to Earth with an almighty crash.


With six wins in their last nine and a fine eight-point gap established between themselves and the drop zone, it finally seemed set to be a campaign devoid of relegation heartache.

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However, the Premier League had other plans, and despite the Toffees being one of their most historic and long-running institutions, they issued a landmark sanction following years of financial mismanagement.


Ten points were deducted with immediate effect, sending them spiralling down to joint-bottom of the division, and the media into a frenzy.


Many have come out to defend such a harsh ruling, with former Everton striker and relegation hero Kevin Campbell one such name.


Having fired his side to safety back in 1999 as a loanee, he would make the move permanent, later cementing his love for the side. This clearly remains, as he jumped to their defence whilst speaking to Sky Sports.


The 53-year-old noted: ‘When I heard the news I was like, ten points?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. If Everton had gone into administration they would have got nine points, that’s the going rate.


‘So to see what’s been going on, they’ve been working with the Premier League and this independent body excessively, the issue is ten points. I just could not believe what I was seeing.


‘I think it is very very excessive. There’s two things I want Everton to do. I want the people upstairs at Everton to fight this, because ten points, for me, is crazy.


And two, all the old squabbles and beefs and all that from the fanbase, everybody has to come together now because Sean Dyche has inherited this issue, he doesn’t deserve it, and he needs help now.’


Can Everton appeal their points deduction?

Having remained transparent and open throughout the process with the Premier League, admitting their failures and working with them to ensure such a sanction was not imposed, it almost feels like a stab in the back to see them punished anyway.


Especially over just £19m in overspending, a figure that can surely be written off somewhere across the multi-year period the investigation oversaw.


For example, the circumstances surrounding the loss of earnings on ‘Player X’, as branded by Kieran Maguire, is one such strong claim.


Another grievance they can hold is that the money spent on the stadium is hardly handing them the sporting advantage that merited the sporting sanction received.


Were they to have loaned the funds, placing them in greater debt merely delayed into the future, it is likely that this punishment would not have happened. That simply makes no financial sense.


Not only that, but given the unforeseen war in Russia, to see Alisher Usmanov forced into the shadows was to eliminate a key investor, with his departure tied to the loss of a £200m stadium naming rights deal.


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Everton certainly have a case for an appeal, hence why they were so quick to release a statement outlining their intention to do so.


The only hope is that Sean Dyche’s side can receive some kind of uplift from the siege mentality this event will have brought, only for the appeal to re-award their points later on in the campaign.

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