May 17, 2024

Sky Sports panel share ‘EXCESSIVE’ view on Everton’s LANDMARK points deduction 😱📉

Everton saw their promising start to the new season rocked on Friday afternoon, as news filtered through that the unthinkable had happened.

With rumours having only been suggested that the Premier League sought to dock them points for their financial mismanagement, few expected that they would go through with such a landmark sanction as the 10-point penalty touted.

However, it was confirmed by a number of journalists including David Ornstein, sparking a media frenzy who all scrambled to detail such a ground-breaking and unique story.

Sky Sports were no different, with their coverage vast. Whilst some sought to debate the decision, others were more vocal in understanding why it had happened.

Everton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League

However, their Soccer Saturday panel was rather unanimous yesterday, with both Tim Sherwood and Danny Mills aligning with the former notion.

What has been said about Everton’s points deduction?

The former Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur manager first noted: ‘I thought it was excessive. I think it’s a bit much. Not sure if they’ve got a right for an appeal, maybe to get it reduced somewhat.

‘I think it plays into Sean Dyche’s hands, I really do. That might sound ridiculous but anyone who’s a neutral out there, who loves the big clubs in the Premier League, I’m certainly an Everton fan now moving forward. I don’t want them to get relegated with this ten-point deduction.

‘I think that he will now have that siege mentality, they will fix bayonets and they will come out fighting, and I think he’s very fortunate to be in a league where you’ve got the likes of Burnley, Sheffield United, Luton and Bournemouth.’

Mills would then support this: ‘I think it’s massively disproportionate and hugely over-excessive if I’m honest. They could have gone into administration for nine points and wiped out all the debt and left people in a really awkward situation.

‘It almost feels like they’ve held their hands up and gone ‘Okay, we got it wrong.’ Not massively, I know that sounds like a lot of money but it’s not really in terms of Premier League spending, and they’ve been given the most severe, harshest penalty possible.

‘I know we’re going to go into other clubs, but surely going forward then, every other club has to be dealt in this way. Anybody found guilty, this has to be what it is from now on going forward.’

Did Everton deserve their points deduction?

Whilst Evertonians were largely accepting that some form of punishment was in order for their transgressions, having even protested against those at the top of the club for putting them in such a mess, few expected the sanction to be so aggressive.

After all, as Mills notes, going into administration actually merits a more lenient outcome.

There is little precedent for such a harsh sporting sanction for a side that gained little sporting advantage from their overspending, which reportedly was just £19m and actually tied to the stadium.

It almost feels like the Premier League were so desperate to make an example out of Everton, with government regulation looming, that they came crashing down on the Merseyside outfit without thinking of the precedent now set.

Chelsea FC v Manchester City - Premier League

Manchester City and Chelsea are another couple of free-spending sides who are yet to see their failures emphasised, and following this saga, it could see the former wiped off the face of the earth.

After all, if one financial breach merits a ten-point deduction, then they will have great trouble dodging the 100-strong figure they have racked up.

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