February 25, 2024

Leeds United along with Burnley and Leicester City intend to sue Everton following the 10-point deduction on the Toffees for Financial Fair Play breaches.

Everton’s points-deduction punishment stems from the interest payments on their new stadium and the Covid-19 impact on their transfer business.

That is according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire, who believes the Toffees were confident ‘compassion’ would be shown due to the consequences of the pandemic on football.

Everton have been docked 10 points and now sit joint-bottom of the Premier League following the decision of an independent commission on Friday.

The club have confirmed their intention to appeal the verdict, with the punishment standing as the biggest in the competition’s history.

Things could go from bad to worse for Everton, with a new report suggest a further deduction and administration could be looming if Burnley, Leeds United, and Leicester City are successful in their legal action.

A club statement labelled the punishment as an ‘unjust sporting sanction’, and Maguire has explained their stance following the hearing.

The Price of Football podcast host told Sky Sports: “I think Everton are very aggrieved. It’s arisen over a couple of accounting points in respect to the new stadium. Everton borrowed money and they felt the interest on that should have been taken into consideration in terms of their PSR calculations.

“The Premier League have disagreed and therefore that has resulted in the points deduction. There’s also issues to do with Covid and again Everton felt given the softening of the transfer market, they should have been given a bit more compassion to take into account the harshness of the penalty, because Covid has been disregarded to a degree in terms of their inability to sell players for prices they felt they would have achieved otherwise.”

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