May 15, 2024

Journo shares if Leeds United & Leicester are in line for Everton compo

‘As far as I can see’ – Journo shares if Leeds & Leicester are in line for £300m Everton compo

Journalist shares if Leeds United and Leicester City are in line for £300m payment from Everton


Liverpool Echo reporter Chris Beesley says he cannot understand why Leeds United and Leicester City are seeking compensation from Everton.


The Toffees were hit with an immediate 10-point deduction by the Premier League on Friday (17 November) for breaching financial rules.


As reported by talkSPORT [17 November] and others, Leeds, Leicester and Burnley now intend to sue Everton for their share of £300million as a result of being relegated at Everton’s expense over the past two seasons.



However, as Leeds and Leicester went down last season, and not in 2021-22, Beesley does not believe they have a case.


“Burnley went down before coming back up. I suppose they’re the only ones who could have any real grievance,” he said on the Royal Blue podcast [18 November, 13m 40s].


“Leicester went down last season, and it’s not last season [Everton] were being investigated, so I don’t understand personally how all of that works.


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“If these 10 points had been deducted in 2021-22, it’s only Burnley whose position would be changed by that. With regards to last season, with Leeds United and Leicester, as far as I can see it’s not applicable.”


More drama to come


Leeds, Leicester and Burnley have all made their frustration clear with regards to Everton’s financial breaches while this case has been ongoing.


Rather worryingly, David Phillips KC has suggested [BBC Sport, 17 November] that Southampton and Nottingham Forest may also have grounds to claim compensation.


Given the breaches relate to the 2021-22 season, though, then it is only Burnley who have been directly impacted – and even they have since been promoted back to the top flight.



The announcement came as a surprise, even if a 12-point deduction had been mooted last month, and it appears that this case is far from concluded just yet.


Whether it is Everton appealing the decision, or indeed rival clubs suing them, we can be sure there is plenty more off-the-field drama still to come.


As to whether Leeds and Leicester have any realistic prospects of reclaiming multi-millions from the Toffees, well that will no doubt soon become a lot clearer.

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