April 12, 2024

Simon Jordan has blasted Farhad Moshiri over his latest midfield claim at Everton and has been left in a rage over the official word from Goodison Park.


The Toffees received a 10-point deduction on Friday (17 November) having broken the Premier League’s financial fair play rules, with Sean Dyche’s side slipping to 19th in the league and two points away from avoiding the drop to the Championship.


While most are in agreement that the punishment seems incredibly harsh and it appears as though the league are making an example of the Toffees, Jordan has slammed Moshiri’s suggestion that Everton overspent because they had a “non-existent” midfield.

Writing for the Mail on Sunday (19 November, page 103) he said: “Everton have tried to manipulate circumstances and move their arguments based on what they think they’re arguing against.


“The report talks about evidence owner Farhad Moshiri provides about how their spending was required because they had a non-existent midfield.


“Sorry, but what’s that got to do with the price of cheese? A non-existent midfield doesn’t justify breaching profit and sustainability rules! The simple fact is that Moshiri ran a bad ship.”


Crime and punishment


There is no doubt that Everton have been punished incredibly harshly for what was one clear breach of financial fair play rules, with a 10-point deduction a steep punishment that could well be season-defining for the Toffees if they don’t continue their recent good form.

No team have ever been sanctioned as heavily as the Toffees, but it is hard to argue with Jordan’s view that Moshiri has made his bed and now has to lie in it. He is suffering the consequences of his reckless actions in the past, even if it seems an unfair punishment.



It seems bizarre that Moshiri attempted to blame the lack of midfield options at Goodison Park for their overspending. Every team in the Premier League will have an area in which they believe their options are non-existent, but they don’t break the league’s rules just to strengthen their squad.


Moshiri has run the Toffees terribly over the last couple of years and Everton supporters will be hoping that they are nearing the end of his tenure on Merseyside.


While 777 Partners don’t appear to be the best potential suitors, there is an argument that they can’t be any worse than the current owner.

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