February 29, 2024

Simon Jordan has hit out at Farhad Moshiri and Colin Chong for their statements after Everton were delivered a 10-point deduction after being found guilty of a breach of financial rules.

Jordan claimed he had no sympathy for their complaints about the decision, claiming they were well aware of what they were doing and were only complaining because of the size of the punishment.

While the former Crystal Palace owner did say he was empathetic with Everton based on the precedent-setting punishment they were given, he ruled that it was them who got themselves into that position.


Jordan was speaking live on talkSPORT [20 November] “I applaud them for being robust in their thinking. I’m not sympathetic to Everton, what I actually said was how ridiculous was Moshiri’s statement.

“How ridiculous was the argument put forward by Colin Chong, which is ‘We’re horrified and amazed by this decision, but we know that we were guilty.’

“Make your mind up, you can’t be horrified and amazed. The only thing you’re horrified and amazed by is not that you’re guilty, it’s about the quantum of the sentence.

“The language that was being put out by Everton, I’m not sympathetic with.

“I do have a degree of empathy that a 10-point penalty, given the fact that it’s the first of its kind and it’s precedent-setting, everyone’s going to have some form of reaction.”

As Jordan says, make your mind up

This situation is unprecedented, it’s a new tone-setting punishment for a situation that the Premier League are keen to address and deter anybody from pushing those limits in the future, including Manchester City and Chelsea who are undergoing their own investigations.

Everton can, and will, appeal the decision, and the outcome of that appeal should put an end to the moaning and complaining and force all parties to knuckle down and accept the ruling which in this case has gone against them.


The claims throughout the process that they felt they had not committed any rule breaches, which were then contradicted halfway through when they confessed they had done so, and then to complain once more after the sanction was given, is becoming tedious.

If they feel they have been unjustly treated, fair enough, that’s what the appeal process is for, but releasing statements claiming to be shocked by the verdict is contradictory and pointless at this stage.

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