February 26, 2024

Everton’s takeover at the hands of 777 Partners has dragged on for a while now, and now fans know why.

Farhad Moshiri had likely foreseen a future where his club were docked ten points, and in his desperation to avoid facing such a sanction, he saw the US investment firm as an easy escape.

Whilst they are yet to officially pull out of the running despite all the unrest surrounding the Merseyside outfit, even with the potential £300m lawsuit that could occur too, there have been doubts surrounding their continued interest.

And yet, one of their reported associates in David Dein has now spoken out, with the former Arsenal chairman speaking to TalkSPORT about the debacle.

Having been drafted in by Josh Wander and co earlier this month, he would note: ‘One has to differentiate between the Premier League charging and what happens after that. It is an independent tribunal, the Premier League actually have nothing to do with the result and the decision.

Everton FC v Arsenal FC - Premier League

‘The Premier League do the charging but do not do the judgement. To me, it seems extortionate but there you are. It could have a knock-on effect at other clubs and that would be a disaster.’

He would then focus on Everton’s plight in particular: ‘I actually thought the penalty was excessive. I’d probably go as far as to say over the top.

‘It is all about proportionality and whether the penalty reacts against the crime and what is the proportion there?

‘There was Covid, they were building a new stadium, and in the scheme of things I think it was all about £19million. When you think about how much money is spent in football today, it is not an extraordinary amount of money.’

Who is David Dein?

A highly intelligent footballing man who has spent countless decades in numerous high-ranking positions within the game, Dein cuts a knowledgeable figure who is clearly well-educated when it comes to the finer points of this outcome.

After all, the 80-year-old is credited as one of the leading figures in making the Premier League what it is today, having assumed such a role after helping Arsenal achieve a period of unprecedented success alongside Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal FC 'Iconic' Archive
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Not only was his presence set to help 777 Partners pass the division’s ownership test, but his information in progressing the club was set to prove invaluable were the Miami-based firm to remain interested.

Especially given the glowing review he received from former chairman of the FA, Greg Dyke, who noted: ‘David Dein was the most revolutionary bloke I’ve met in football. David Dein created the Premier League, it was his idea.’

Although caught in a tough place, between fighting for the institution he forged or the club he is set to be involved with, his verdict on the ruling being harsh should be enough to convince Everton that their appeal is well-founded.

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