February 24, 2024

Another Premier League punishment is imminent for Everton as they are under investigation again over new accounts 🤬

For Everton, things can seemingly get no worse.


Although this year is arguably the most favourable one for it to occur, they have still just been dealt the harshest penalty in Premier League history for breaching profit and sustainability rules, with ten points taken from them just as they were gathering speed.


Sean Dyche will feel sick to his stomach, seeing his hard work ebb away, but such an outcome is only set to rally the Toffees even more.


With a siege mentality having been forged in recent years to protest against the running of the club amidst two relegation battles, that attention has now turned onto the Premier League.


They have made themselves public enemy number one in Merseyside, who certainly know how to stand up to injustice.


Everton FC v AFC Bournemouth – Premier League

Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

However, that is not set to stop them from trying to find fault again, with The Times reporting that their latest set of accounts is set to face ‘fresh scrutiny’.


Should their finances fail to add up following their submission sometime before March 31st, it is noted that further punishment could be in order for a side already sent down to joint-bottom of the table despite having won six of their last nine in all competitions.


Why are clubs trying to sue Everton?

Because of the ruling that saw them deducted ten points and found guilty of spending outside their means, the ‘can of worms‘ opened is set to reach far further than merely Manchester City and Chelsea.



After all, the precedent set hast left many other clubs furious, with three actually seeking legal action to recover some kind of retribution for the outcome.


Leeds United, Leicester City and Burnley all are reportedly rallying to sue the club, despite it actually being the Premier League to blame for the delay in the deduction.


Their argument is based on the fact that, had they lost those points in previous campaigns, they might have remained in the division.


Aerial General Views of the New Everton Stadium

Photo by Marc Seddon/Everton FC via Getty Images

Regardless, it has been reported that they are seeking to amass around £100m each in damages from the Toffees to compensate their respective relegations, with a £300m loss almost certain to send Everton into administration.

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