May 18, 2024

Everton twist as cheating warning sent to rest of football

‘Scandalously poor’ – Bill Leckie rages with new ‘Cheating’ message as Everton saga unravels

Bill Leckie sends ‘cheating’ message to Premier League after Everton news


Bill Leckie has insisted that the 10-point deduction handed to Everton is a warning to the rest of football that they may be next.


The Scottish Sun journalist has reacted to the Premier League for the action taken towards Everton after being found guilty of breaching profit and sustainability regulations.


Leckie delivered a new message to the Premier League, saying they cannot back down from also going after clubs who may be guilty of simply cheating their way.



He wrote for the Scottish Sun on 19 November: “This shot across Everton’s bows is a warning to all of them and the rest that says – ‘We’ve had enough – and we’re coming for you.


“Now that they’ve made an example of one club, especially one whose only real crime is scandalously poor management, they surely can’t back down from going after the ones they fear may be guilty of downright cheating.


“Question is, how far do they have the guts to go?”


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Who’s next?


It has been well-documented that Manchester City and Chelsea, two Premier League superpowers, are facing a lot of noise about potential cheating scandals with many expecting both clubs to face punishment for the spending of too much money.


Pep Guardiola’s Man City face 115 charges of breaching financial fair play regulations, while Chelsea are being accused of using illegally funded money to fund the club under Roman Abramovich.


It would be very extreme to see either of these sides expelled from the top flight of English football, but as Leckie will recall, it’s not absolutely unheard of.


When 25 out of 30 Scottish Football League clubs voted for Rangers to be entered into the Third Division in 2012, that is exactly what happened.


Although the club won three promotions in four seasons and were back in the First Division by the 2016/17 season, the standard was set if anything like that were to happen again.


So the question really is, how far will the Premier League go?

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