February 20, 2024

Everton: Manchester City and Chelsea sent warning live on talkSPORT

‘On trial for murder’ – Journalist sends new warning live on talkSPORT after Everton saga

Journalist sends Manchester City and Chelsea warning live on talkSPORT after Everton saga


Journalist Sam Lee has warned Manchester City and Chelsea to prepare themselves for the worst after the decision to dock Everton 10 points.


The Toffees were hit with the biggest points deduction in Premier League history last week after they were found to have breached financial rules.


City and Chelsea are currently being investigated for potentially far more serious matters, with the former charged with over 100 breaches.



Speaking on talkSPORT on Monday [20 November, 07:15], The Athletic’s Lee said: “The independent panel has been so harsh on Everton.


“Given the punishment acts as a deterrent, you can only imagine what would happen to City or Chelsea if they were charged.


“It’s almost like if you’re on trial for murder, you know you’re going away for a long time. But if you think you didn’t do it, you’re not especially worried.


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“If you don’t think you did it, or think you’ve got a good chance at the trial, you’re not going to be especially worried.”


Watching closely


Everton supporters have made a point of asking why they have been punished so severely while City and Chelsea continue to go about their business.


But the bottom line is that the Toffees’ case was easier to rule over than those two clubs. In City’s instance in particular, there are thousands and thousands of documents to sift through.



As for Chelsea, they are under investigation for alleged financial wrongdoing between 2012 and 2019 – while under a different owner – so that case will also be incredibly time-consuming.


After the Everton announcement on Friday (17 November), those two Premier League heavyweights should be incredibly worried. On the face of it, if Everton have been docked 10 points, their punishment could be a lot worse.


It is all speculation at this stage, of course, but the Toffees will be watching developments very closely indeed to see how the punishments – if any – compare with their own.

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