February 22, 2024

£100m, U-turn, ‘Trouble’ – Everything we know as Leicester City claim against Everton written off

Latest Leicester City news as a possible compensation claim could be made against Everton following their Premier League points deduction.


There are heavy knock-on effects for Leicester City after Everton were deducted 10 points by the Premier League last week.


Everton were found to have broken the league’s profit and sustainability rules by an independent commission. They were given a points deduction, but that may not be the end of their troubles.


Leicester were relegated last season, with the Toffees finishing just two points above City in the last relegation place. Things could have been different had Everton’s punishment been implemented last season instead of this.


All three clubs have been told they have a viable case for compensation, which could be as high as £100 million each. That would cause further trouble for Everton, though one media report has dismissed it as ‘wildly optimistic’.


Parliamentary U-turn?

An early day motion for Everton’s 10-point deduction to be suspended will be considered for debate by MPs this week after it was labelled as ‘grossly unfair’ by MP Ian Byrne.


A motion to possibly discuss the situation in Parliament has now been put forward by West Derby MP Byrne. He requests the “suspension of all proceedings and sanctions made by the Commission until the regulator makes its own determination”. The MP also adds: “This House condemns the grossly unjust points deduction imposed on Everton Football Club by a Premier League commission.


“A punishment lacking any legal or equitable foundation or justification for the level of sanction and notes that financial, not sporting penalties, for far more severe breaches have been applied. [The motion] declares that sporting sanctions unfairly punish supporters and notices the improper dismissal of extraordinary mitigating circumstances outlined by Everton.”



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