February 29, 2024

Everton now told chances of overturning ‘harsh’ 10-point deduction.

Having had time to settle and assess the severity of their punishment, Everton will likely still feel vindicated in their decision to appeal their ten-point penalty.

West Ham United v Everton FC - Premier League

As a landmark ruling, as the largest deduction in Premier League history, it felt somewhat disingenuous that such a harsh sporting sanction was enacted given the Toffees had only overspent by a meagre £19m.

Therefore, it took no time for the club to vocalise their plan of action, stating they were: ‘both shocked and disappointed’ by what they viewed as a ‘wholly disproportionate and unjust action.

As such, the media have been sent into a meltdown, with a wealth of content just waiting to be peddled out. After all, it is such a ground-breaking move from the Premier League, as they seek to set a precedent that they can keep their own affairs in order as talks over the emergence of an independent regulator loom.

However, journalist Ben Jacobs has now sought to detail his view on the topic, whilst giving Evertonians the knowledge they crave.

Speaking on his livestream, he shared the likelihood of Everton overturning the decision with their appeal: ‘They’re joint-bottom because of goal difference, but they stand a chance of still clawing their way out and most importantly they will appeal, so we don’t know whether this ten-point deduction is final and that’s quite an interesting debate.

‘Because, maybe it is harsh and severe as a deterrent and to make a statement, but ultimately Everton may succeed in their appeal and as a consequence, we shouldn’t look at this 10-point deduction as being set in stone.’


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