February 27, 2024

Everton sided with Manchester City, Chelsea and Newcastle in the recent Premier League vote to ban signing players from partner teams, according to Martyn Ziegler.


On November 21, a journalist for The Times disclosed that Wolves, Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, and Wolves were among the four teams who opposed any changes.


This led to the motion not being passed as the threshold for it to go ahead was 14 and it was one short.


Ziegler wrote on Twitter, “The seven clubs that blocked ban on signing loan players from partner teams were (according to sources) Newcastle, Sheff Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Everton, Wolves, Forest.

“Some other clubs angry that Saudi-owned Sheff Utd joined the opposition bloc.”

For Everton to side with the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea and Newcastle for this vote is bizarre, to say the least.


Clubs can easily sell players to their affiliate clubs for inflated fees and show those numbers as higher incomes in order to spend more in the market.


Rather than making this an even playing field, it will have completely the opposite effect and one can understand why those three clubs and Sheffield United did that.


The Toffees are already in crisis and have faced a 10-point deduction for breaching profit and sustainability rules.


To do this after such a heavy sanction has been imposed does not make any sense and it only shows how incompetent the club’s leadership is.


There is no clear thinking from top to bottom and that’s probably why they find themselves in a mess in the first place and nobody knows how they’re going to get out of it.


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