February 24, 2024

Everton has received a warning not to be “foolish” in response to threats made by Burnley, Leeds United, and Leicester City.

Paul Brown, a writer, has stated that the three clubs want to pursue their claim and seek compensation from the Toffees in the amount of £300 million.

For exceeding the Premier League’s maximum amount of losses over a three-year period, Everton recorded losses of approximately £19 million, which resulted in a ten-point deduction for breaking financial fair play regulations.

Everton has acknowledged that they would challenge the significant point deduction, but they still have to deal with additional punishment from Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester.

The three clubs, which all faced relegation from the Championship after competing against Everton in a relegation battle over the past few years, have announced their intention to sue the Premier League team for income loss.

According to recent reports from The Daily Mail, the £300 million lawsuit against them may possibly force them into administration and subject them to additional point deductions.

Everton warned they should be 'worried' by recent threat after points deduction

Paul Brown has indicated that the Merseyside club should be getting ready to fight these allegations, which might land them in even more hot water, even though they will be focusing all of their efforts on getting their ten-point deduction lowered.


“I think Everton would be foolish not to be worried about potential claims by Leicester, Leeds, and Burnley,” Brown stated in an interview with GIVEMESPORT. Something like this has been brewing in the background for a while now. These three teams have been informing the media about their plans to carry out this threat, and from what I’ve been told, they will follow through.

“A separate hearing resulted in a verdict that validates their future claim. This claim will now be heard as part of the process, and even while the Independent Commission found that Everton’s overspending gave them a sporting edge, it will be very challenging to calculate the losses that those clubs suffered.

Should Everton be worried about £300m compensation claim?

It really isn’t looking like good news for Everton, with Leicester, Leeds and Burnley likely to have a good case against them.

If the Toffees have already been found to have gained a sporting advantage from their overspending, then their narrow avoidance of relegation in the past two years is certainly a controversial one.

For now though, Everton need to focus on picking up as many points and moving out of the relegation zone for a second time.

Sean Dyche’s side have tough games against the likes of Manchester United, Newcastle and Chelsea coming up and they definitely don’t want to be stuck even further from safety come the new year.

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