February 27, 2024

The same impartial panel that suggested Everton lose ground will evaluate Leicester City’s prospective compensation suit against the Toffees.

Everton was deducted 10 points last Friday as a result of their violation of the Premier League’s financial laws. City is one of five clubs that have been cited as interested parties in the matter. After being demoted to the Championship and finishing one spot behind Everton in the Premier League standings the previous season, City is now eligible to receive compensation for lost wages.

While it was initially suggested that a new commission would examine the compensation claims, the Premier League have confirmed to the Times that the same commission will in fact judge whether any club is deserving of damages. That may be good news for City.

The initial commission was headed by David Phillips KC, and he has previously suggested that there is a reasonable cause for compensation. In a note from May that was only published last week following the judgement, he said: “I am satisfied that the applicant clubs have potential claims for compensation.”

City and the four other clubs expressing interest in Everton’s case – Burnley, Leeds, Nottingham Forest, and Southampton – have 28 days from last Friday’s judgement to officially submit a compensation claim. City and Burnley, who were relegated just behind Everton the year before, might feel they have the strongest cases.

Although there is a deadline for City to register their compensation claim, it may take some time before it is heard. Everton has appealed against their punishment and that is likely to be considered first. City will miss out on their share of the top flight’s huge TV deal because they are not playing in the Premier League this season. Even the bottom club stands to earn £100 million.

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