May 18, 2024

‘He was used as a human shield by Moshiri when he appointed him to the Board. It’s pretty obvious what Graeme‘s job was supposed to be – to deflect criticism from Moshiri. Torn between his love of Everton and loyalty to his job, Sharp fell into the trap and backed the ‘owner’. Some of the things he did and said didn’t play well with Evertonians – not surprising. He was wrong.

‘I think I’m right in saying that Sharpy hasn’t been back to the club since he resigned his position. This is wrong. It’s time to forgive and forget. Graeme Sharp is a Everton legend ffs. Now more than ever – Everton need everyone on the same side – pulling in the same direction – especially people like Sharp. Show him some love guys and get him involved again.’

Who is on Everton’s board of directors now?

Given the mass upheaval overseen back in June, Everton’s board of directors looks vastly different to the one seen around this time last year.

In an effort to give in to immense fan pressure, who had been protesting for the departure of all involved in the mess that has come to a head now, Moshiri sanctioned the departures of Grant Ingles, Denise Barrett-Baxendale and the aforementioned Sharp, all of whom were seen as culpable.

Crystal Palace v Everton FC - Premier League

So, the current group is sparse at the moment, with the Iranian owner sitting beside just John Spellman, a chartered accountant, James Maryniak, the new Director of Finance, and Colin Chong, the interim CEO and overseer of their new stadium.

Bill Kenwright’s passing naturally saw his role left vacant too.

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