February 29, 2024

Dan Plumley has insisted that issues around proportionality will create most of the outrage around the decision to hand Everton a 10-point deduction in the Premier League


Everton, which was found guilty of breaking profit and sustainability regulations, is now two points from safety in the relegation zone as a result of the deduction.


The finance expert admitted that a challenging part of the case was that there is no benchmark, with no precedent set due to this being the first of its kind in the Premier League.

“I think this is part of the challenge here isn’t it, because there is no benchmark,” he exclusively told Goodison News.

“There is no precedent, this is the first sanction, points deduction sanction we’ve seen against the Premier League’s version of profit and sustainability regulations, so a lot of the outrage here around the deduction is because of that proportionality.


“It is really tricky to measure against a benchmark, what the Premier League never did from the start was to say, this amount of breach equals this amount of points deduction, they chose not to do that and they are within their rights to do that, but what that then creates is when the punishment comes and it is the first one, people will naturally look at the deduction versus the amount of the breach, and that’s not really the right way we should be looking at it.

“It will mean that there are issues around proportionality here that will form the basis of a lot of the outrage around 10 points.”



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