February 29, 2024

The likelihood of Everton’s APPEAL has been assessed amidst ‘REDUCED’ claim 👀📉

The likelihood of Everton achieving success with their recent appeal is one being widely debated, with both sides boasting valid arguments.

Having been docked ten points on Friday for a breach of the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, the punishment dished out marked the largest points deduction ever seen in the division’s history, surpassing that of Portsmouth in 2010, who earned nine points for entering administration.


That example underpins the bulk of claims suggesting such a sanction is far too harsh, whilst others attest that if the rules have been broken, anything goes.


Whether the Toffees will enjoy success in challenging the ruling, which they have already made public their desire to do so, is impossible to predict. After all, few expected the Premier League would be so aggressive in their pursuit of justice given Manchester City’s 100+ further breaches.


However, their chances of achieving their goal have now been assessed by a host of media personalities, ranging from Simon Jordan to Fabrizio Romano.


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Richard Keys is the latest, with the BeIN Sports presenter writing the following in his personal blog: ‘There’s an appeal to be lodged of course. And it’s possible the 10 point deduction will be reduced. Possible – but I’m not convinced that it will be.


‘Look. Ten points sounds harsh. But is it? Some pundits have been screaming that it’s ‘disproportionate’. But is it? No. It’s now the benchmark. There’s never been a case like this one so there’s nothing to judge it against.



‘It’s certainly not the harshest of punishments for financial wrong doing – albeit of a different kind. That was handed down to Luton before the start of the 2008/09 season when they were docked 30-points before the start of their League Two campaign.’


How will Everton argue their appeal?

Everton will have a number of strong defences to rush to in order to plead their case to a new commission. After all, to have been dealt a landmark punishment for a mere £19m overspent is ludicrous.


The Telegraph sought to outline some of the arguments set to be made, although what makes the case tricky is there is no precedent set before it. The Toffees are the first to feel the full force of such a decision, and as such they cannot point to another case as proof of an overly harsh ruling.


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That being said, it will have an impact on the Cityzens, who as aforementioned are still yet to hear the outcome of their huge trial.


Meanwhile, Everton will seek to point out the Premier League’s failure to adopt a ‘sanction policy’ for its financial rules as a key pillar of their appeal, whilst also reiterating that the transgression was not a ‘deliberate cynical breach’.


They still feel that the punishment remains unconstitutional, and have received support from all across the country, with many pundits and even parliament weighing in.

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