February 25, 2024

The Toffees were hit with the penalty for breaching profit and sustainability rules last week, sparking outrage from the wider football community for the severity of the punishment.


But while on talkSPORT (21 November, 10:44), Jordan was asked by Jim White if the penalty could effect the protracted takevoer by 777 Partners which was agreed earlier this year.


“No, only effect will be on Farhad Moshiri’s pockets,” he said. “In terms of the price that people are going to pay.


“I don’t think Everton are in jeopardy of getting relegated. I’m in the camp of supporting Everton.


“I’m not arguing against David Hatton’s principle that ultimately the sanction is harsh. I’ve already made the case that when a club goes into administration, which is a far worse financial situation in terms of breaches of all it’s obligations, it gets nine points.


“But when he sits there and spouts to the world that it’s only £20m, it wasn’t £20m. Their losses were £350m. They were allowed adjustments that brought them down to be able to lose £105m. And they couldn’t even manage it that way. So they end up losing £125m.


“They shouldn’t be praised. They shouldn’t be rewarded. They should be consequenced.”


At this point it is essential that Moshiri leaves the club, and even though there are huge question marks about whether or not 777 Partners are the right owners we need change now.


Moshiri has already checked out of running the club at this point and while we await for the takeover to be approved, we’re just melting further and further into debt.


The points punishment had nothing to do with anything on the pitch, yet it’s the players and fans who have been punished most with this outcome and now we need to unite to ensure we avoid relegation and further financial crisis.


So while there are questions about if they’re good enough owners, if they pull out of the deal now we’ll be in even more trouble. So to hear there are no concerns about that can be seen as a positive for sure.


We’ll see how it pans out in the coming weeks and months, but it’s something to keep an eye on certainly.

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