April 19, 2024

Everton: Premier League cannot stop fan protests, Sky to face questions

Premier League cannot stop Everton fan protests, Sky Sports to face questions – report

Premier League cannot stop Everton fan protests with new moves planned already

Everton fans plan to protest the 10-point deduction they have been handed this season, with the Premier League powerless to stop the negative messages, according to the Scottish Daily Mail.


The newspaper shared in their print edition [22 November, pg 74] that the fans plan to fly a plane over the Manchester City game against Liverpool, as well as handing out placards with anti-Premier League messages.


This comes after supporters group The 1878s raised nearly £40,000 to go towards the protests, and Sky Sports are set to face questions over how much coverage they will give towards them.



Everton fans have a right to protest


Whether or not the protests will have any effect on the decision made by the Premier League is entirely irrelevant to the fans. They feel their club has been harshly treated, and are prepared to stand up against it.


The huge £40,000 raised shows the level of disdain the fans now hold after the punishment their club received, and numerous forms of protest being planned for the coming weeks will send a strong message as to what their feelings are towards the league.


In terms of Sky Sports coverage, they will likely attempt to play down or even ignore the protests, but with the level of discourse around the decision and the complaints from Everton fans, it will be obvious if they simply pretend nothing has happened.



Protests against the Premier League have been ignored by the Sky TV cameras before, on a number of occasions at Selhurst Park with the fans there vocal in their frustrations towards a number of decisions, but the fans at Goodison will make themselves heard.

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