April 14, 2024

Everton fans are well aware of the suspected injustice they have faced this week, as the landmark trial case that has seen them receive the harshest points penalty in Premier League history.

With no precedent set before it, and one they sought to set for future offenders, they came down hard on the Toffees despite having only overspent their regulations by a mere £19m.

However, the sanction has not been received as willingly as the independent commission might have hoped.

Picking on a club backed by a vocal, relentless, angry support marked a foolish error from the English top flight, who are set to face the full force of Goodison Park’s unrest this Sunday.

What will only make matters worse is the recent report outlined by The Daily Mail, in which journalist Ian Herbert outlines how the rules were altered mid-trial to allow for the worst possible punishment.

He notes how: ‘Everton were given the very distinct impression that the cost of interest on loans to build their Bramley Moore Dock Stadium would be excluded from sustainability considerations, just like City’s’.

And yet, they were still punished for an overspend on their new build, going on to write: ‘There’s been a lot of chin-stroking about the ten-point punishment imposed on Everton by the Premier League for a £19.5million overspend – the cost of a decent Championship player. But precious little discussion about how those rules actually changed mid-process in Everton’s case.

‘No discussion, come to mention it, of how Manchester City and West Ham United were both gifted taxpayer funded stadiums, built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and 2012 Olympics, respectively. Had City not settled into the stadium built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, it is doubtful that Abu Dhabi would have even bought the club.

‘What wouldn’t Everton have given for a purpose-built stadium, all costs covered, to move into, during their infernal battle to get planning permission for one, stretching back the best part of 15 years?’

Will Everton appeal their points deduction?

Everton have already made public their plans to appeal the deduction decision, with journalist Paddy Boyland confirming that earlier today.

There are plenty of grounds for an alteration in the final decision, with a potential reduction in the ten points docked, a transfer ban or even a fine all possible alternatives that a new commission could conjure up should they see fit.

Everton v Burnley - Carabao Cup Fourth Round

Ever since being administered their punishment, the Merseyside outfit have dropped to joint-bottom of the Premier League on four points with Burnley. It is painful to think that, beforehand, they sat a triumphant eight points clear of the drop.

Whilst their fine form is surely set to spearhead their emergence from the relegation zone again, the hope is that, should they achieve success in their appeal, it could actually provide an ample boost later on in the campaign.

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