April 19, 2024

As soon as the decision was made, Everton expressed their disapproval of the Friday point deduction, calling it a “disproportionate and unjust” penalty that they will be appealing.

Now that theory has been verified, the legal procedure has to begin anew.

Having complied throughout with the Premier League as they delved through their accounts, showcasing the utmost transparency whilst having made concerted efforts to change their ways, they still were on the end of the harshest punishment in the division’s history.

A ten-point docking, saw them slip from 14th to 19th, now joint-bottom with Burnley.

However, should they achieve success in their venture to reduce, or even expel such a sanction, it could provide the necessary boost to enjoy a truly unprecedented campaign of success. That’s not to suggest that the ruling has not already galvanised the fanbase, handing them more than enough ammunition to fuel Goodison Park for the foreseeable future.

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Now, The Athletic’s Paddy Boyland has sought to detail just how likely they are to achieve success by walking that route, writing: ‘Everton’s appeal will be heard by a different trio of individuals from those in the first hearing and will again be appointed by Murray Rosen KC, chair of the Premier League’s judicial panel.

‘Ultimately then, there is a chance — albeit slim — that this could get worse for Everton. But there is also a decent prospect it could get better.’

Why did Everton receive a points deduction?

The crux of their punishment came down to a minor overspend that saw them flout the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules, which allows any club to lose a maximum of £105m over a three-year rolling period.

Despite having a costly stadium draining away funds in the background, and numerous mitigating circumstances that all have valid arguments, the punishment dished out came off the back of a mere £19m.

Whilst they are certainly guilty of financial misconduct, which Everton themselves have been forthright in admitting, a little bit of leeway is surely in order for a club seeking to progress off the field. Surely punishing an ambitious outfit seeking to upset the traditional top six is detrimental to the whole ethos of the division, which promotes the unthinkable and lauds the unlikely.

By coming down hard on the Toffees, they have sent an example to any other club thinking of trying their luck when it comes to spending big and trying to reap the rewards.

However, they have also sent a separate message out to those lower down the table. Attempt to progress at your own peril, because the independent commission will be waiting to drag you right back down.

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