April 13, 2024

After Everton received a record-breaking point deduction for violating the Premier League’s Profit and Sustainability regulations, Jamie Carragher and Roy Keane feel that the only people who can truly take responsibility for the situation are the people in charge at Goodison Park.

As a result of surpassing the league’s permitted loss during a three-year period ending in 2022, Everton will lose 10 points from their Premier League points total, according to a decision made last week by the Independent Commission. The Blues have gone over the £105 million mark by almost £20 million, according to a study, following years of heavy spending and managerial dismissals.

Speaking on The Overlap, Carragher expressed his compassion for Everton but also said he felt the Blues’ financial situation was caused by a lack of “thinking” at Goodison Park in recent years.

“I think, unfortunately for Everton, they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time,” said former Liverpool defender Carragher.

“The Premier League now, there’s so many other clubs and it’s almost: ‘We’re making a stand, to stop people breaking rules and thinking they can get away with things.’

“It’s the independent commission but the Premier League recommended it, there was talk of 12 points but it was 10. Everton are £20 million over here, how does that equate to 10 points when you think of Portsmouth, who went into administration and only lost nine? That’s the frustration from Everton, the frustration from Everton supporters is it’s not are they guilty?

“Everton are admitting they’re guilty, 10 points just feels so strong for this, I understand the supporters’ frustration on this, maybe Sean Dyche and the players. I’ve said before, I’ve always felt Everton were the worst-run football club in the Premier League or in this country.”

Carragher added: “When you look at the books, they’re only £ 20 million over but in this day and age, you think of transfer fees, agent fees, the money, it doesn’t seem a lot but on the flip side, how have Everton – whoever is at the top and running it – looking at that, working with the Premier League and are saying to them: ‘You’re getting very close (to the mark), be careful with the players you’re buying’, why don’t they not just buy one player who costs them about £15million (or) £20million because it’s cost them 10 points.

“The actual owners of Everton and the people at the top of the club, can’t be angry. You’ve been working with the Premier League, they’ve been telling you how close you’re getting and you still overstep it – so where is the thinking?”

Keane, meanwhile, agreed with Carragher’s take and insisted Everton should “hold their hands up and take their medicine” after being hit with a record-breaking 10-point deduction.

“Could Everton not just hold their hands up and take their medicine?” said Keane. “I know it’s extreme, 10 points, it brings a bit of closure to Everton, they’ve had a few tough years.

“We all think from a footballing point of view, they’ve got enough to stay up, if you look at it they’ve won four games they’ll have enough to stay up. They’ve got a cup game coming up, get the feel-good factor back at the club, take the medicine and move on – learn from their past mistakes.”

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