April 19, 2024

David Ornstein has rendered a decision about Everton’s appeal to have their 10-point deduction lowered, acknowledging that he “could see” the penalty being lowered.

The Toffees dropped into 19th position and the relegation zone after an independent committee decided that they had violated the Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations, deducting 10 points from them.

Everton has already made the decision to appeal the penalty, and while the result of this move is still up in the air, Ornstein thinks there’s a good chance the Toffees could get their point deduction lowered before the season is done.


“My colleague Matt Slater said on Monday’s Athletic Football Podcast he thinks there is a good chance the 10-point penalty is reduced,” the athlete wrote in his weekly Athletic Q&A on November 23.

“I can see it because, given what Everton has done, 10 points does seem unfair, but that’s just my opinion.

“I yield to Matt’s greater expertise.”

Really harsh

When Everton’s punishment was announced, the whole football community felt that a 10-point penalty was a bit harsh; in fact, the fury was more directed at the harshness of the punishment than at the Toffees’ decision to be punished.

The Premier League appears to be exceptionally weak this season, particularly at the bottom of the standings, which is fortunate for Sean Dyche’s team since even with such a significant deduction, the Toffees have every possibility of surviving the drop to the Championship and returning to safety.

While Ornstein still may be guessing that the punishment could be reduced, Everton supporters should at least take solace in the fact that nobody is expecting this appeal to be immediately thrown to the wayside with no hope of the Blues being successful.


The Toffees would be greatly impacted by a decrease to even a six- or five-point deduction, as they would be able to move away from the bottom three and start looking up the table again instead of over their shoulder.

Fans will have to wait and see if Ornstein’s prediction comes true, but in the interim, Dyche must make sure his squad continues to gain points in order to give themselves the best opportunity of surviving in the Premier League, regardless of the result.

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