April 18, 2024

Dean Jones has shared that Leeds United may argue that they could have broken the rules too in any compensation case against Everton.

This comes as Everton were handed a ten-point deduction for breaches of financial rules, leading to Leeds among other clubs looking likely to appeal for compensation after being relegated.

Jones suggests that Leeds will feel they can make a case both on the moral and legal side of their claim, as Everton have been proved to have gained an advantage, potentially costing the club their Premier League place.

leeds united

The former Eurosport journalist spoke to GIVEMESPORT on 23 November, insisting: “Leeds will argue they could have gone and overspent by £20million and stayed in the Premier League, but they didn’t because that’s not what you’re allowed to do. There’s the morality of it, and then there are the legalities of it as well.

“I think that the two things are very separate, in terms of the way the football club will be run, and you can understand why the people that deal with the legal side of Leeds feel that they’ve got a case here.”

Leeds will believe they have a point

Jones is right, Leeds can claim that, as Everton have been proven to have cheated and benefitted from that, then they might as well have as well if there is no compensation handed to them as a result of the outcome of the Toffees’ underhanded financial movements.

The club are joined by the likes of Leicester, Burnley and Southampton in their claims, with clubs potentially missing out on Premier League football and the finances that come with that as a result of Everton gaining an unfair advantage.

Leeds United

It was originally claimed by the Daily Mail [3 October] that Leeds could sue for around £100million in compensation for losses of earnings, with the legal claim now boosted by the fact Everton has been found guilty and punished by an independent panel.

While the moral and legal objections may differ, both can be used in the case against the Premier League outfit, as their deception has impacted the clubs around them more than it has themselves despite that 10-point deduction if they can stay up this season.

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