April 19, 2024

It is one of the great punishments in English top-flight history, surpassing on-pitch brawls, the fielding of ineligible players, and even entering administration. A ten-point deduction for overspending by £19m.

With the independent commission coming to their decision, which was announced on Friday, the club wasted no time in issuing a reply regarding their plans to appeal such a notion.

However, for now, they will remain alongside Burnley at the foot of the table, safe in the knowledge that a win could still see them clamber out of the relegation zone.

Armed with this knowledge, Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane has offered his thoughts on their chances of survival, whilst also issuing a rather baffling claim.

Speaking on The Overlap YouTube channel, he questioned those on Stick to Football: ‘Could Everton not just hold hands up, take the medicine, I know it’s extreme, 10 points, and go, it brings a bit of closure to Everton, they’ve had a difficult few years, we all think from a football point of view they’ll still have enough to stay up.

‘If you look at it you think they’ve won four games, they’ll have enough to stay up and they’ve got a big cup game coming up. Try and get a feel-good factor back at the club and just take their medicine and have closure and move on and learn from their past mistakes.’

Why have Everton appealed their points deduction?

Whilst his point is certainly valid, it is such dismissal that is arguably an insult to Everton and all their hard work this campaign.

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