April 13, 2024

In the last 24 hours, Everton has updated Companies House with new documents verifying Katie Charles’ “appointment” at Goodison Park.


Charles was verified as the club’s secretary the day before the Toffees filed the paperwork on Thursday, November 23.

As this update emerges, it’s interesting to note that Charles has been with Everton for more than five years in a variety of roles. His current title is Director of Legal Services.


It comes at a time when 777 Partners are pushing to get their proposed takeover of the club signed off by the Premier League and the FCA.


With turmoil behind the scenes at Goodison Park, this is one of those things that could have gone under the radar, as the club looks to fight back and appeal the 10-point deduction from the Premier League.


It is hard to imagine what is happening behind the scenes at this moment in time at Goodison Park, with so many different scenarios playing through the minds of everyone.


On one hand, there is the takeover which has been ticking along for months now as 777 Partners looking to finally receive that green light they have been craving to take over officially from Farhad Moshiri.


Next is the 10-point deduction and the appeal, which will require a lot of work and could be rejected, lowered, or ignored entirely.


As soon as you thought it was over, teams like Burnley, Leeds, and Leicester emerged, all of them with possible compensation claims worth up to £300 million.


It’s unclear exactly where Charles fits into that, but it’s intriguing that this paperwork has been turned in at a time when things seem uncertain.

Everyone is desperate for some good news right now.

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