April 13, 2024

The BBC Sport analyst predicts that Sean Dyche’s team will win 2-1 because he thinks the Toffees will overcome the shock of their 10-point deduction and thrive off the energy generated by the home crowd at Goodison Park.

Although Everton’s stellar start to the season was undone by their point deduction, Manchester United has won their last two Premier League games despite criticism of their season opening performance. Sutton thinks both teams may be affected by the event.


In his BBC Sport Premier League predictions on November 23, he stated: “Everton is currently facing relegation, but I believe they have what it takes to advance.”

“A lot of people are talking about how their points punishment would inspire the entire team, but I believe there’s a potential Manchester United might benefit from the situation since there will be a tense atmosphere at Goodison Park on Sunday.

“There is the risk that Everton’s players could get over-excited, and they need to keep 11 players on the field. I am sure that will be the message from their manager Sean Dyche too and, if they manage that, Everton have a very good chance of winning this game. Their recent form has been very good.

“I have got a sneaky feeling they [United] will benefit from all the fervour around Everton at the moment and somehow find a way of winning this game too, but I believe in fairytales, which is why I am going with an Everton victory.

“Goodison will be absolutely bouncing if I am right.”


Goodison Park will be rocking from minute one on Sunday as the Everton fanbase attempts to get behind the squad after a week of adversity, but as Sutton has suggested, that could be equally as damaging as it is beneficial to the players.

Dyche is a very level-headed coach and he has united this side through thick and thin since he arrived on Merseyside. If anyone is likely to ensure that the Toffees focus on the match at hand rather than the occasion it is him.


Manchester United have been indifferent for much of the campaign so far and Everton should fancy their chances of coming away with all three points. They’ve shown they can be a midtable side in recent weeks, now they just have to get back there.

If nothing else it would be great to see the supporters inside Goodison to get something to cheer about after a miserable few weeks. Hopefully, Sutton’s fairytale comes true and the blue half of Merseyside will be bouncing on Sunday afternoon.

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