Everton were docked a record 10 points for breaching a three-year £105m loss threshold by £19.5m. Meanwhile, the 115 allegations against City refer to manager payments, sponsorship money sources and lack of cooperation with investigators. City deny all charges brought against them and have vowed to clear their name.

Chelsea are also under investigation for potentially breaking FFP rules regarding secret payments during Roman Abramovich’s ownership tenure. The club have not been handed issued with any charges at the time of writing.

Robert Wilson - The Adams Distinguished Professor of Management, Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Dr Rob Wilson, Professor of Economics at Sheffield Business School, says there are considerably more hoops for legislators to jump through in the cases of City and Chelsea when contrasting to Everton’s quite straightforward case.

“The Everton case is much easier to decide upon compared to the cases with Chelsea and Manchester City because of the complexities involved in the latter cases,” he told megadice.com. “Both Chelsea and Man City will be in the firing line and under the spotlight.

“They’ll have their lawyers doubling their efforts to generate as much paperwork as they possibly can! I read that the Everton case had around 28,000 pieces of paper attached to it, and you can multiply that by four or five for Chelsea, and around ten or twenty for Man City!

“The Chelsea and City cases are much more complicated than the Everton one, and that’s why they’ll take so long.”

Everton have called their points deduction “unjust” and are appealing the verdict. City’s own case will be assessed by an independent panel where club officials “look forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all”, as per February’s statement upon the charges being levelled.