April 13, 2024

AC Milan’s management is seeking a striker to replace Olivier Giroud, despite his current commitments.


According to MilanNews, a number of intriguing profiles are under consideration, but Jonathan David is one that has garnered a lot of attention and has been followed for a while. His contract with Lille expires in June 2025, which makes him financially appealing for Milan’s value-finding strategy already.

Nevertheless, considering Giorgio Furlani’s aptitude for haggling, Lille’s cordial relationship, and the underwhelming performances from the Canadian international, his asking price might fall even lower. David hasn’t scored in ten games and is stuck on two goals in Ligue 1.


Milan will undoubtedly spend money on a striker in January or the summer, attempting to stay under the €30–35 million mark, which is also the exact amount that they could – and would like – to close the David deal for.


To ensure that the former Gent star can arrive immediately, however, a push from the field is needed because getting into the Champions League knockout rounds would guarantee revenues that increase the transfer budget in turn.


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