May 20, 2024

Paul Merson thinks the atmosphere at Goodison Park will be “mindblowing” when Everton host Manchester United on Sunday afternoon.

It was confirmed during the international break that Everton have been docked 10 points for breaching one of the Premier League’s financial rules.

Everton were found to have lost £124.5m over three years up until the end of the 2021/22 campaign when they were only allowed to lose £105m.

The Toffees are going to appeal their punishment as their sanctions do admittedly feel pretty harsh. This ruling has probably come at the wrong time for Man Utd, who travel to face their Premier League rivals at Goodison Park on Sunday afternoon.

Merson has admitted that he “would be shocked if Everton get beat” this weekend as “Goodison Park will be rocking”.

“The atmosphere at Goodison Park will be mindblowing this Sunday. After what happened with Everton’s point deduction, the fans are going to be up for this one,” Merson told Sportskeeda.

“I don’t see Everton losing this game. It’s us against the world as far as Sean Dyche’s men are concerned and Goodison Park will be rocking.

“Manchester United will be up against a team determined to prove everyone wrong. I’d actually be shocked if Everton got beaten in this one. Everton players work hard for each other and that is something we can’t really say about the Red Devils at this point in time.”

Following Everton’s punishment, Jamie Carragher has explained why he thinks they are “one of the worst-run clubs in the Premier League”.

“I get the points calculation, but Everton are £20 million over and how does that equate to 10 points when you think of Portsmouth who went into administration and only lost nine points,” Carragher said via The Stick to Football podcast.

“The frustration from Everton supporters is it’s not a question of whether they’re guilty or not, it’s the fact that 10-points just seems so strong for this, so I understand Everton supporters, Sean Dyche and the player’s frustrations. But I have always felt that Everton are one of the worst-run clubs in the Premier League.

When you look at the books, they’re only £20 million over and today, when you look at the transfer fees and the money, it doesn’t seem a lot. But on the flip side, how have Everton’s owners looked at that [the books] and continued working with the Premier League, who kept warning them that you’re getting very close, so why did they then spend on one extra player who cost them £15-20 million, because that cost them 10 points. The ownership of Everton can’t be angry, they’ve been working with the Premier League who have been warning them how close they’ve been getting, and then they still overstep it.”

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