April 10, 2024

Ex-Everton Scout blasts Chelsea amid FFP allegations, predicts ‘Frightening’ punishment.


Ex-Everton Scout: ‘Frightening’ Chelsea punishment on the cards after what happened at Goodison Park.


Goodison News is delighted to welcome aboard our brilliant new columnist Bryan King, the former goalkeeper who spent over eight years as a scout at Everton and 28 years in total in first-team scouting roles.


Bryan also spent six years on Tottenham’s recruitment team and 11 years scouting at Aston Villa across two different spells…


Bryan King believes Chelsea and Manchester City should be deducted more than 10 points if they’re found to be guilty of breaching financial rules.

Everton were deduced 10 points last week for breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules but Man City and Chelsea also have allegations lingering over their heads.


Man City have been charged for over 100 offences while The Guardian reports that Chelsea are facing an FA and Premier League probe for potentially breaching Financial Fair Play rules.


It is understood that Chelsea are under investigation for apparent secret payments made by companies owned by Roman Abramovich but there have also been questions raised about the insane sums of money spent by Todd Boehly since he bought the Stamford Bridge club in May last year.


King believes the financial breaches committed by Everton aren’t anywhere near that of what Man City and Chelsea have allegedly made and that their punishment will be way more severe.


“When you start looking at these kinds of things, and the way that Chelsea have allegedly been abusing Financial Fair Play. Every year they’ve been in the red, as such, but it’s been cleared up with one cheque from the owner,” King told Goodison News.


“That must be regulated and it must be punished because if they can do it as they’ve done with Everton with 10 points, we’re talking about a minimum of 10 points for the other two and maybe more.


“What they’ve allegedly done is far worse than what Everton have done.


“Everton have been used here by the Premier League to show these are the rules and if you don’t stick by them, you’re deducted points and you’ll have to pay a substantial fee.


“Looking at the Manchester City and Chelsea situation, good god. That’s frightening. It isn’t an even ballpark.”

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