May 21, 2024

What rival Premier League supporters really think of Everton points deduction and Man City punishment

Premier League supporters have spoken on Everton’s 10 points deduction, and Manchester City’s future after their FFP investigation.


Supporters from across the Premier League have been left divided over Everton’s 10-point deduction, with Sean Dyche responding for the first time in his pre-match press conference on Friday.


Everton’s history-making points deduction for breaching financial rules continues to make headlines, but what do fans of each Premier League club really think? And what do they think should happen to Manchester City as a result?


We spoke to a fan of every club to get their thoughts.


Lewis, a sports commentator and Arsenal fan said: “The points deduction for a breach of the rules is fine. But it has to be enforced consistently and too many teams have had breaches they should have been penalised for, and never were.”


James, an Aston Villa fan said: “It’s a bit of a joke. When you consider Manchester City and Chelsea have been over spending for years, it’s all a bit suspicious to me”.


Josh, a journalist and Bournemouth fan said: “A points deduction is not harsh if they have financially breached the rules and caused a number of teams to be relegated. However, the fact that Chelsea and Manchester City have not been punished makes the timing and awarding of this very harsh. Come the end of the season, I’m sure Everton will stay up anyway.”


Brentford: James, a journalist and Brighton fan said: “The punishment is too harsh on Everton, especially when considered with the rule breaking of other clubs which is plain for all to see. Given the charges they face, Manchester City should probably have titles stripped and relegated but I doubt they will do that.”



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