April 13, 2024

I don’t understand Newcastle United fans having rivalries with likes of Everton and Aston Villa

A fantastic Newcastle United result against another of the so called ‘big boys’ of the Premier League.

Defeating a founding member of the Premier League Septic Six, or if you are a Spiderman fan, the Sinister Six cartel.

Alternatively, if you prefer, a team that has spent close to a billion pounds in 18 months, losing to our so-called raggy lads squad. A team largely made up of players that no Champions League side would have touched, a club blighted with over half the squad injured.

Sunday morning I spotted on the MSN page on the internet, a picture of our old chum Peter Reid. I expected the article to be comments about Newcastle United / The Saudis, or similar. Instead it was about The FA and the Everton v Manchester United game set to be played yesterday afternoon. Now as a Newcastle United fan this had nothing to do with me, but as a football fan in general, I was pretty intrigued. The full interview was in The Mirror and conducted by Simon Mullock.

There are teams where I just don’t understand our rivalries and dislikes. Such as the Mersey Mackems Everton, not bothered about Aston Villa either, couldn’t really care less about most of them. There’s only Newcastle United that I’m really bothered about, although I do like it when my hometown Barnsley win.

In this interview though,  Peter Reid sums up what many fans have been saying for years. How can clubs like Everton, Aston Villa and Newcastle United, clubs of a similar size, compete against teams like Manchester United and other members of the cartel. When they are allowed to run their teams into the ground IE Manchester United being over a BILLION pounds in debt and asset stripped by the Glazers, then Farhad Moshiri and Everton end up punished for putting his own money into his club / business.

Now while I understand where Peter Reid is coming from and how FFP was supposed to be clubs operate within their means IE getting rid of clubs’ crippling debt. I was also impressed with how he asked why is a owner getting punished for trying to do what’s best for his business?

Surely the Septic Six / Premier League are stunting the growth of other Premier League clubs, by not allowing them to spend the same amount of money as certain other clubs in the same ‘competition’.

I for one am behind the Everton fans with their protests.


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