April 19, 2024

UEFA’s own rules show PSG penalty should not have been given after Newcastle shocker.

Newcastle United defended for their lives in the second-half against Paris Saint-Germain and were minutes away from one of the biggest wins in the club’s history. Then VAR reared its pesky head yet again.

In the 95th minute, the ball bounced off Tino Livramento’s chest before hitting his arm – sparking major pleas from PSG players who surrounded referee Szymon Marciniak. The Polish official was unmoved as he said no penalty but was asked to go to the monitor shortly after. Moments later, after watching the replay back, he pointed to the spot.

However, UEFA rules state the penalty should NOT have been given after the ball bounced off Livramento’s chest before hitting his arm. In April, UEFA wrote: “The Board recommends that UEFA should clarify that no handball offence should be called on a player if the ball is previously deflected from his own body and, in particular, when the ball does not go towards the goal.”

Mbappe made no mistake from the penalty spot, despite Nick Pope almost stopping the ball flying into the top corner. PSG, who had 31 shots on the evening, almost won the tie in the 98th minute too.

The penalty incident, of course, dominated the post-match talk. TNT Sports commentator Ally McCoist said at full-time: “Unfortunately, the entire night will be remembered for that decision – not the performance from the Newcastle players.

      Newcastle run riot to secure famous 4-1 win over PSG | Reuters

“Obviously we might usually say, ‘Well they can go again, they still have another chance’ but that has affected the entire outcome of everything now. Eddie Howe would’ve been thrilled, everything defensively that they did tonight was exceptional but that incident, that penalty, has just spoiled the entire evening.”

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