April 13, 2024

Dan Plumley has predicted “further chaos” with Everton following the club’s 10-point deduction by the Premier League.

The Toffees received the penalty for violating the profit and sustainability guidelines set forth by the league [BBC Sport, November 17].

However, Plumley thinks there will be further upheaval because of the problems, like the club’s appeal of that ruling, the possible compensation cost they have to pay [The Guardian, November 17], and the 777 Partners acquisition that is about to happen.


“Another interesting subplot is how the takeover has dragged, for want of a better term,” he exclusively told Goodison News“But we know these things don’t move quickly. But the club are obviously pushing for the takeover to be sorted very quickly, and that’s partly because of this case in the background.

“We don’t know the ins and outs of the conversation, but if you’re 777, behind the scenes you would be looking at various scenarios, and planning for the best case and worst case scenario in the takeover. That will dictate the price. Whether they’re a Premier League club or a Championship club – linked to the relegation aspect. That should also have covered any possible sanction from the Premier League around profit and sustainability.

“And it should also probably have looked at the compensation angle, because that’s been there in the background before. So you would like to think that all these things have been considered. Whether or not they have, we obviously don’t know from the outside looking in.


“I try to avoid that term of unprecedented circumstances where possible, because I think it can be a bit of a throwaway line, but when you put all those things into the mix, it really does feel like this is where we’re at right now.

“I think the next moves with the appeal, and then the compensation, and then the takeover, will cause a bit of further chaos here with Everton. But you would anticipate that 777 have had negotiations, or will be having further negotiations, based on this because if you’re a new investor coming in, you want to be aware of everything that you’ve potentially got to pay out.”

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