April 19, 2024

Gary Neville anticipates that Everton’s point deduction will be lowered in light of Leicester City’s potential compensation suit.

Earlier this month, Everton was deducted 10 Premier League points for breaking the financial stability regulations. They could be subject to compensation claims from Burnley, Leeds United, and Leicester. In recent seasons, Everton’s actions resulted in the three teams’ relegation.

Neville claimed he comprehends the ire of Everton supporters while discussing the sentence with our sister publication, the Liverpool Echo. Additionally, he believes that the sentence will be lowered on appeal, which may have an effect on Leicester’s demand for damages.

“I thought it was harsh,” Neville told the ECHO prior to Sunday’s 3-0 defeat against Manchester United. “I knew they would obviously get some level of punishment, I think Everton knew they would get some level of punishment because they have admitted guilt.

“But to be awarded the harshest sanction the Premier League has ever awarded. For me, to think about the consequences of the Super League, Project Big Picture, all the scheming behind the backs of the other clubs that the top six did a few years ago, for them to be awarded a £3 million fine and for Everton to get 10 points, it seems completely not aligned. ‘Disproportionate’ is the word that Everton have used, they said they will also be looking at what other clubs’ punishments are going to be in the summer and I’m not surprised.

“I understand the anger, completely. I also would understand their anger at their own board and their own ownership. Twenty million pounds or £30m whatever they’re out, you’ve still got to be better than that. Let’s be clear. They were told, they were warned, they were working with the Premier League and knew they were over.

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