April 13, 2024


I hope Sean Dyche has learned lesson that could solve emerging Everton problem

Sean Dyche


There are big question marks over Ashley Young now.


He is reminding me of the way Michael Keane was last season. Keane’s heart and effort was all there, but he seemed to be the one making the mistakes that were costing us. Then he came out of the side, we brought Yerry Mina in and it freshened us up.


The same feeling is back in the fanbase with Young. He’s experienced and he’s had a fantastic career, but it seems to be him letting the team down with his decision-making.


For the penalty, he needs to recover quicker. At that point tiredness might’ve set in – I don’t want to blame his age, but it’s not the first time a poor decision has cost us at a crucial time.


Over your career you’ve got to adapt. Young was a winger who has moved back, but the game is fast and furious now. He keeps getting these needless bookings. He keeps getting caught on yellow cards like he did in the derby twice and against United.


It doesn’t matter if you’re 38 or 18, if you’re on a yellow card you’ve got to play a different way.


He was probably lucky not to be sent off again. The referee – who was awful, especially in the first half – could have given him a second yellow card.


Sometimes it takes a big decision from the manager, to realise a player is not on it or needs a break. Because at this moment in time, it seems to be that every opposition is targeting Everton’s right-back area.


Young tends to do well for 60 minutes or so – but these mistakes are costly. Perhaps it’s time to give someone else an opportunity.


Garnacho goals sums up Everton’s luck


The overhead kick was something special, but the Everton players should have been able to shrug it off.


A goal is a goal – it doesn’t count for more when it’s a wondergoal! You’ve just got to get on with it, if a ball bobbles off the pitch and goes in off someone’s backside, it still counts as a goal.

He could try that another 100 times and he wouldn’t get near it!


But it felt like it was one of those days for us. Our chances were getting cleared off the line and hitting the bar – the breaks didn’t go our way.


As a player it doesn’t really matter too much about how they score a goal. If it’s one like that then you can hold your hands up I suppose. But I don’t think Dyche and the coaching staff will be happy with the build-up and how easy it was to get the ball into the box.


Still, we can’t be feeling sorry for ourselves. I thought the players and the fans reacted well. That attitude needs to be there against Nottingham Forest on Saturday night – that is a massive game.

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