April 13, 2024

Everton’s chances of survival took a dramatic hit when they were handed their points deduction, as they were shifted from a comfortable spot in mid-table to joint-bottom of the league.

Not only that, but their failure to beat Manchester United on Sunday has even allowed Luton Town to extend the gap between them and the rest of the bottom three, meaning the Toffees are five points adrift from safety despite being eight points clear of the relegation zone just 12 days ago.

It has clearly had a huge mental effect on the team as well as the obvious drop down the table, but despite the 3-0 loss they still played well in their first game since the ruling.

Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League

On another day, it could arguably have been them to run out 3-0 winners.

Chris Sutton, speaking on the It’s All Kicking Off podcast, would echo such a sentiment when speaking about their new chances of staying up.

What did Chris Sutton say about Everton’s relegation chances?

He would say to his co-host, “I think your perspective is a little harsh and distorted. For example, I can understand why Everton fans are anxious, but the 10-point deduction is the reason why, you know, I’m not sure where they would finish—13th or 14th?

Even though Luton seems to have some momentum, I felt that Everton would comfortably stay up and have enough about them given the nature of the league this season and the promoted teams’ struggles. You knew they would be comfortable, and you even thought they would be in a relegation battle before the points deduction. I’m not saying that they have proven you wrong.

‘I take your point about squad depth, that being a bit of an issue, but I actually thought they were unlucky in the game against Manchester United. They had opportunities, I know Sean Dyche has quite rightly looked back to earlier home games this season which they’ve lost, I think against Wolves against Fulham, where they had plenty of chances didn’t take them and that’s an issue.

‘But, in terms of performance, I thought it was alright. The penalty decision, I thought it was a penalty in truth, I mean Ashley Young is so reckless isn’t he, should’ve got sent off, but I think that it’s going to be a struggle for them, but I think that they are good enough to get out.’

Why were Everton given a points deduction?

For once, Everton’s relegation problems this season aren’t the result of personal shortcomings.

They were ranked 14th on the table and had created quite the distance between themselves and others just surviving before losing ten points.

Thus, it was devastating to see all of their hard work undone, especially considering the small mistake they made.

The Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations, which stipulate that a club may lose up to £105 million over a three-year rolling period, are the reason for this punishment.

Everton would spend outside this perimeter by a mere £19m.

Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League

If that’s deserving of a 10-point reduction, that sets a concerning precedent for the remainder of the division. The primary complaint, though, is that the regulations were purportedly changed midstream, leaving a lawmaker incensed with the decision.

Even though the Toffees should have received a harsher punishment, their crimes did not warrant it.

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