April 19, 2024

Paul Brown doesn’t believe the intervention from MPs is going to help Everton with their appeal against the 10-point deduction.

The former Daily Star journalist said in an interview with GiveMeSport on Monday, November 27, that the Premier League is under “a lot of pressure” from the independent regulator due to the “a lot of anger” surrounding the Toffees situation.

But he thinks that a “good, legally sound, well-argued appeal by the club’s lawyers” to dissect what he calls a “strange verdict” from the independent committee is the only way the Blues will be able to lessen their sentence.


“I really don’t think that the intervention of MPs and the reaction to the points deduction is going to help them with their appeal,” Brown added, “even though it might not be what Everton fans want to hear.”

“I am aware that there has been a great deal of resentment and that the Premier League is under a lot of pressure from the independent regulator. The demonstrations over the weekend were amazing to witness; Everton supporters showed a great deal of solidarity.

“But I think the only thing that helps them reduce their punishment is a good, legally sound, well-argued appeal by the club’s lawyers, which picks apart the right parts of a really quite strange verdict from the commission.”

Make some noise

It’s possible that the Everton supporters’ and other people’s responses to the points deduction don’t really help the appeal, but it’s still critical that they speak up.

It might increase the pressure and demonstrate that the majority of people think the punishment is insufficient for the alleged crime that was committed.

The club has been given a possibly life-threatening penalty despite being totally open and honest about their operations with the independent panel.


There is confidence, however, that the points deduction can be brought down on appeal if the Toffees can put their arguments forward well.

It could just take some time before a verdict is eventually reached and the matter can be drawn to a close, even though it is likely to forever leave a bad taste between the Premier League and the club.

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