April 19, 2024

Everton is perfectly entitled to feel resentful after Sunday’s match, but primarily towards themselves.


Goodison Park was in full voice, creating the ideal atmosphere to both subdue the visitors and encourage those wearing royal blue, setting the stage for a historic victory.


But it would turn into an all too familiar pattern this campaign, where incompetence proves disastrous and is a major reason for dropping important points.


With that decisive edge, Manchester United defeated everyone else 3-0 even though they didn’t play particularly well.


Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League
Even though they were the victims of their own carelessness, there was one controversial moment that Sean Dyche felt fundamentally changed the game.
Anthony Martial made a sharp break to crash into the box and tumble over Ashley Young’s extended leg as the Toffees attempted to equalise.
Although the player was initially issued a simulation ticket, a VAR review determined that the play warranted a foul, and a penalty was awarded.
What remarks did Sean Dyche make regarding VAR during Everton’s Manchester United match?
Speaking following the game, the 52-year-old Everton manager expressed his disappointment with the referees’ actions and how they ruin the game for fans.
“Seriously, I’m going to try to talk to them and say, ‘Right, OK, what is it (a clear and obvious error)?” he wrote.
As you are aware, we were informed that the directive called for giving referees greater authority.
Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League

‘The referee made a very strong decision and then, of course, the power is taken away.


I have no clue, I’ll just have to ring the powers that be and say: ‘Can you explain to me again, I have asked like all managers do, what is an actual clear and obvious error and why’ and all the rest of it.


‘You can debate them all you want because everyone will decide one way or the other. For me, the idea of VAR is they look for contact and that’s not the idea it should be, in my opinion. The referee made a solid decision, I thought, it was meant to be they’re giving the referee the power then they say there’s contact. You can find contact in every position. It’s a tough one to call. If it went against us, would I be disappointed? No. I’d probably see why that wasn’t given as a penalty.’

Should the Premier League scrap VAR?

In a sport where the stakes are so high and the funding is so vast, it almost feels like that now VAR is here, it cannot be taken away.

Were a team to get relegated by an offside that was incorrectly given, or a side claimed the title based on a penalty decision missed, the ramifications, and subsequent outrage, would be catastrophic.


The Premier League cannot handle that level of scrutiny, even if the current model seemingly receives it with each passing week.


Serious modifications are needed to ensure that a clear set of guidelines are in place, and yet there must be a certain element of common sense with each decision being unique.

Everton FC v Manchester United - Premier League
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The people operating these machines continue to make error after error, thus making a mockery of technology that is used to near-perfection by Rugby Union, for example.

However, it is already too far down the line now to scrap it completely.


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