May 21, 2024

Everton: Simon Jordan hits out at Mayor complaints in ‘corruption’ verdict

Simon Jordan hits out at Mayor after ‘strange’ comments in Everton ‘corruption’ verdict

Simon Jordan hits out at Andy Burnham after ‘strange’ comments in Everton ‘corruption’ verdict

Simon Jordan has hit out at the Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, after his suggestion that his and others’ comments were being covered up surrounding the Everton points deduction controversy.

Jordan has slammed the claims, calling it a non-story and if there was any wrongdoing in the Everton case, the appeal will ensure that is swiftly rectified.

Burnham claimed that something strange was going on behind the scenes as his interview with Sky Sports didn’t feature in the running order, hinting that he was being censored. [Burnham on Twitter, 28 November]

Jordan reacted to his claims live on talkSPORT [29 November, 11:43], insisting: “No one’s censoring you, they just chose not to use it in the context of the running order.

“Look, the bottom line is that it’s a non-story and it’s creating this idea that, he goes on about ‘A bit more respect for this grand old club’… You’ve breached the rules, we’re now talking about the appeal.

“It’s really simple. If you go to the appeal and this football club has been treated shoddily, and the rules have been adapted and the sanctions were changed.

“This idea that there’s corruption involved… There might have been a bad decision, but the beauty of a bad decision is you get an appeal. All of this goes to an appeal, and if this appeal is held in a timely fashion, guess what happens? Those 10 points change and they become something different.”

Burnham’s Twitter complaints read rather a lot like some of the crazy conspiracy theories you hear people banging on about. Alleging that Sky Sports pulled his interview because they didn’t like what he said, rather than simply because there wasn’t time for it, is a bit of a reach.

As Jordan said, the ultimate decision was that Everton broke the rules. They will now appeal and if there was anything wrong with the original punishment, it will be amended or overturned, regardless of what Andy Burnham thinks about it.

Rather than coming up with conspiracies of people being silenced over this deal, perhaps the great deal of coverage across other platforms would point to the fact that his criticism of the 10-point deduction is not a claim worthy of censoring.

With all sorts of claims being made surrounding the decision to deliver a harsh punishment to Everton, it will only be the appeal of the case that gives a final conclusion as to whether or not the punishment was fair. Not a cover-up, not complaining, and not conspiracies.

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