May 21, 2024

Everton: Finance Expert shares reason behind Sky Sports protests silence

‘Money’ – Finance Expert shares reason behind Sky Sports silence on Everton protests

Kieran Maguire shares reason behind Sky Sports silence amid Everton protest row

Kieran Maguire has claimed that Sky Sports didn’t show their interview with Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham, in which he was critical of the Everton points deduction, for financial reasons.


The finance expert shared that, as the Premier League is in the process of handing out domestic broadcasting rights, Sky will not want to be seen to side with somebody who has been critical of the league.


This comes after Burnham took to Twitter to claim he and several others had critical interviews pulled from the running order after they slammed the decision to hand Everton a 10-point deduction.



Speaking on The Price of Football podcast [30 November], Maguire shared: “We’ve also seen politicians contact the Premier League and other authorities with regards to what they consider to be the inappropriate nature of the tariff.


“Sky did record an interview with the Mayor of Manchester and Everton fan Andy Burnham, and then decided not to broadcast it, which I think has upset Andy and Evertonians, and people are saying ‘Why is this?’


“Ultimately, it comes down to money. The Premier League is in the process of deciding how to award domestic broadcasting rights from 2024 onwards. We know that there are going to be more matches made available, and Sky want as many of those matches as possible.


“I think Sky doesn’t particularly want to be siding with an individual who is critical of the Premier League.”


Broadcasters should not be taking sides


It is a borderline disgraceful step for Sky Sports to decide not to show interviews where people were critical of the Premier League and their latest decision, which has caused uproar at Goodison Park as seen by the protests from the fans.

Maguire’s take on the situation provides a telling insight, with money the priority at Sky Sports, perhaps understandably, but it does hint at a wider conspiracy that the Mayor of Greater Manchester also seemed to point towards.



This has come after Simon Jordan was critical of Burnham live on talkSPORT, claiming his interview wasn’t aired simply because there were more important things to talk about, essentially telling him to stop complaining.


While there is not likely to be an explanation for the decision not to air Burnham’s or other interviews on the topic despite having conducted them already, people will quickly come to their own conclusions about the incentive for Sky Sports to support the Premier League.

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