April 17, 2024

Farhad Moshiri will leave Everton Football Club having accomplished something that many others before him were unable to, despite all the bad that he has done.


He was the one who really pushed through the construction of a brand-new stadium for the Toffees to enjoy, even though plans had been mentioned several times.


As one of the oldest and most impressive football grounds in England, Goodison Park is a symbol of the game. But the Old Lady has not had a good time with time.


Like the football it has recently hosted, she is worn, wooden, and out of touch with modern times.


Thus, the shiny arena on the waterfront, which is almost finished, should bring in a new era of prosperity for the Merseyside team, which has been lacking in success since the late 1990s.

In an effort to drum up additional intrigue, as if Everton fans need any excuse to consume Bramley-Moore Dock content, the Liverpool ECHO have now sought to detail one outstanding feature it is set to boast.

Journalist Chris Beesley spoke to Tom Stove, Contracts Manager for Specialist UK Restorations, who noted on the steel gates set the be installed: ‘The boundary wall is Grade II Listed and our aim is to make everything look as uniform as possible throughout, so that the new installations blend in and are sympathetic to everything around it.


‘When the framework is positioned centrally to the cut-out, we will basically fill in the existing stone down the sides and across the top, so you won’t see any of the top beam.

‘All the original bricks we removed have been numbered, especially the coping stones, so they will all be going back in their original position and blend back in.

‘It’s going to be a unique feature that you won’t find in a stadium anywhere else in the world.’

How big is Everton’s Bramley-Moore Dock stadium going to be?

With videos continuing to emerge detailing the rapid development of the ground, fans can’t get enough of witnessing the progress of their future home first-hand.

As such, with that ever-increasing intrigue, there is bound to be a whole host of additional fans seeking to snag tickets to watch Everton play.

Although the football has been far from the outstanding factor in drawing supporters to the ground, Sean Dyche has admittedly made steady strides towards implementing a philosophy that Evertonians can once again get behind.

Although now wallowing in the relegation zone, this campaign has been one of marked improvement for the Merseyside outfit.

General Views of the New Everton Stadium
Should they maintain their current upward trajectory, and crucially stay in the Premier League, there is no doubt that they will fill their new 52,888 arena with ease, perhaps provoking the 10,000 extension touted too.

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